Following are the main activities of EMAI

Snake Awareness Program

Snakes are the most misunderstood creatures. Shrouded by myth, this misunderstanding makes snakes easy targets. They are killed on sight. In order to alleviate the myth and make the public understand the snakes better and in the process protect the snakes EMAI has been conducting ‘Snake Awareness’ Programs’ in villages, college campuses with green spaces and also industrial areas.

Awareness Program on Urban Wildlife

Photo Exhibitions on the Urban Wildlife are conducted to create awareness among the urban public. Slide shows on common flora and fauna are presented in schools and other institutions.

Photo exhibitions on the birds that can be sighted in the parks in the Chennai city are being conducted. To commemorate Environment Day ’08 one such exhibition was conducted at the Anna Nagar ‘Tower’s Park’ and another was conducted at the ‘My Lady’s Garden’. These exhibitions were well received by the users of Park. Pamphlets on the ‘Basics of Bird Watching’ were also distributed on these occasions.

Floral and Faunal Training Programs

EMAI provides hands-on training on techniques of fauna identification, survey and conservation. These programs are led by experienced naturalists and professionals who ensure solid foundation and practical experience in the field methods.

Click here for photos and write-up on ‘Training Program on Field ornithology – Techniques on avifauna identification, survey and conservation’ for the Forest Staff of Pulicat Bird Sanctuary held during December 2006 and on January 2007.

Slide show on the birds that visit the lake was arranged, highlighting the diagnostic features of them. The staffs were made familiar with the names of the birds in vernacular (Telugu) language along with their English common name and scientific name.

Energy & Environment

The two words have become strongly correlated in the recent times. As the human population rises, the need for energy rises exponentially. EMAI’s members, some of whom are renewable energy experts, seek to educate and make aware, the public through workshops and other similar initiatives, which would help question perpetual growth in the economy and curtail uncontrolled energy usage.

Nature Trails and Eco tours

Nature Trails and Eco tours are regularly arranged to help people to appreciate and get close to nature.

Environmental Investigation Wing

EMAI started an Environmental Investigation Wing in alliance with a private detective agency ‘Extraa Secure Consultancies’ under the leadership of Late P Gomatheswaran. Within a short period of time the Wing was able to unearth several poaching instances and bring poachers under the law.

Recently, a water fowl poaching incident was reported where our EMAI volunteers R. Rajesh and Rathnavel Pandian lead the initiative to bring justice to the poachers with the timely aid of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department (Read more here 1 & 2)