About EMAI

EMAIThe Trust for Environment Monitoring and Action Initiating – is a registered entity in the service of nature and humans. The Trust believes in maintaining, restoring and improving the quality of interaction between the environment and humans. The members consist of environmentalists, student enthusiasts, environmental lawyers and many more who wish to take the cause of environment and wildlife protection, a step further.

To this end EMAI hopes to:

  • Make all efforts to protect and preserve the environment
  • Endeavour to maximize awareness among people through consolidated efforts and systematic analysis of the environment also make them aware of their rights and strengths through education and training programs
  • Carry out statistical and biological research for preservation of flora and fauna
  • Ensure effective use of the legal process to redress public grievances – relating to depletion of the environment
  • Create and mobilize public opinion and suggest improvement in public health and safety, public utilities and services and the environment